Novosibirsk, Новосибирская область, Russian Federation
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28 days later, 30 rock, across the universe, big bang theory, corpse bride, dark knight, dexter, doctor who, edward scissorhands, equilibrium, esotsm, face off, fifth element, fightclub, finding nemo, fountain, friends, futurama, golden compass, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, hellboy, heroes, himym, house m.d., interview with a vampire, iron man, joan of arc, killbill, leon, lost, matrix, perfume:story of a murderer, prestige, sarah connor chronicles, scrubs, sin city, smallville, south park, starwars, the fall, the simpsons, v for vendetta, veronica mars, x-men

Hello, I'm Alex. And here at Icons Anonymous gatherings everyone cheers me up and says "Hello, Alex". But let's skip that part. So apart from name and age. Male. Russian. Book reader. Movie watcher. Music listener. Nothing special in that.
Ok-ok i'm not really in any kind of a fandom. I just do icons on what i like right now, or ever liked at all. So just couple examples. TV- series: Friends, House M.D., Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Scrubs,Futurama,South park, the Simpsons,Veronica Mars, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Gossip girl, How I Met Yuor Mother, Doctor Who, 30 Rock, Sarah Connor and her chronicles, Smallville, etc.
Movies: FightClub, V for Vendetta, KillBill, StarWars, Equilibrium, Corpse Bride, Matrix, Face Off, Finding Nemo, Prestige, Perfume:story of a murderer, Fifth element, X-men, Interview with a vampire, Eteranl sunshine of the spotless mind, Joan of Arc, Sin City, Fountain,Leon, Golden Compass, 28 days later, Edward Scissorhands, Dark Knight, Across the Universe, Iron Man, Hellboy, the Fall, etc.

Everyting i do is absolutely shareable unless it says otherwise. You can take everything eveywhere you want unless you give me a credit (or just if you are asked answer that i made it) and don't hotlink. And that's may be the first rule 'cause if there is a lot of hotlinking my photobucket page will simply die till the end of month. End I guess no one wants that. And of course! Comment. That helps a lot both in understanding what you like and not that much and makes me happy)) So in three simple wordsthe rules are as follows -

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